Construction of the Bassano Dam


The Bassano Dam

The Bassano Dam was such an undertaking that the Brooks Aqueduct is quite overshadowed in comparison. This is an excerpt from Scientific American (1915), "The earthen embankment is some 7,000 feet (2100 metres) in length, extending from the south end of the spillway until it meets and merges with the sloping ground running down to the river. At its highest point it is 350 feet (150 metres) wide at the base and contains about 1,000,000 cubic yards (765,000 cubic metres) of earth. The spillway contains some 40,000 cubic yards (30,580 cubic metres) of concrete and 2,500,000 pounds (1,135,000 kilograms) of reinforcing steel. Construction on both parts was begun in the summer of 1910.... The construction of the dam and canals took almost 4 years and cost $17,000,000. In all over 20,000,000 cubic feet (567,000 cubic metres) of earth were moved in the building of the project."
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