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Index site for those who are sadly lost....

The Brooks Aqueduct Home Page is set out at a fairly linear fashion, following a chronological timeline. Here is the list of all the places you could possibly be...

  • Basic Information About the Site
  • Other Alberta Historic Sites
  • The Canadian Pacific Railway
    • Irrigation in Canada
    • The Canadian Pacific Railway
  • The Eastern Section
  • The Bassano Dam
  • Introduction to the Brooks Aqueduct
  • Design
    • Flume Design
    • Shell Design
    • Expansion Joint Design
    • Siphon Design
    • Foundation Design
    • Inlet and Outlet Design
  • Totally Technical Statistics
  • Construction
    • Preparation for Construction
    • Pedestal Construction
    • Shell Construction
    • Inlet and Oulet Construction
    • Materials Used in Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Operations
  • Formation of the Eastern Irrigation District
  • The Fate of the Brooks Aqueduct
  • Photo Archive
  • Guest Book
  • Index for lost souls... (YOU ARE HERE!)
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