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Photo Archive

All of the pictures used on this site are compliments of the Eastern Irrigation District. Many thanks to them! Feel free to download either the gifs located on this page of the jpegs that they lead to. These are only a small fraction of the archival pictures that are located at the Information Kiosk at the Brooks Aqueduct.
Photo Archive
Water Spilling over the Edge of the Aqueduct Copper Corrugated Expansion Joint
Deteriorated Pedestal  1917 Construction of the Aqueduct
Water flowing through the inlet of the Brooks Aqueduct More water flowing through the Aqueduct
Construction Camp at the Inlet in February Repairs at the Aqueduct
Repairing the Flume of the Aqueduct Repairing an expansion joint
Spraying gunnite in the flume Construction of the Siphon
Cleaning seaweed out of the flume View of Aqueduct down the valley
Cold guys digging by the Aqueduct Test run of the aqueduct, water's pretty high!
Construction of the Aqueduct 1913 Construction of the Aqueduct -- Really high off the ground!
Piles of material in front of the Aqueduct Water flowing through the Outlet
Construction of the pedestals Construction of the Bassano Dam
An expansion joint in desperate need of repair Construction workers in the bowl of the flume
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