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Construction of the Pedestals

"The pedestals were poured by a portable mixing plant with a drawf hoist and spout, from four to six pedestals being cast from one setting. As soon as the concrete had set, the forms were stripped and the pits backfilled. For the construction of everything except the pedestals, the concrete hoisting and mixing plant was mounted on flat cars, which travelled on the track nearest the structure. The gravel for concrete was all shipped in by rail in steel side-dump cars. A small reserve storage was kept, but most of the requirements were filled direct from the cars. A special chute with gate was constructed which could be fitted to the cars and which allowed them to discharge directly into the hopper of the mixer, the cars standing on the second track alongside the mixer car. All reinforcing steel, except that for the shell, was shipped cut to length. All bending and assembling of the column reinforcement were done in a central yard. The steel shell, which consisted of No. 0000 galvanized steel wire, was shipped in coils and, after being passed through a wire straightening machine, was cut to length by a power shear. Steel for braces, girders and the shell was assembled in place and wired."
"The first step after the pedestals had been stripped and backfilled was to erect the column forms, which were securely guyed and cross-braced. Forms for the braces, if any, and the girders were next set up and the reinforcement placed in them and wired. The girder cross-struts were precast in yards and hoisted and placed by the locomotive crane. The columns and braces were poured in a single lift, followed by the girders after an interval to allow for setting and shrinkage. After the concrete had set sufficiently, the column, brace and girdre forms were stripped and the track for the outside shell forms put in place. The outside forms for the shell were then pulled ahead and jacked up to correct elevation, followed by the placing of the shell reinforcement, which was held in position by concrete spacing blacks grooved to hold the wires."
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