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Preparation for Construction

In H.B. Muckleston's own words, "Railway sidings were built near the crossing, storehouses for cement and other material were erected and a concrete-lined reservoir for water was constructed. A double-track, standard-gauge railway, with frequent crossovers, was built along the line of the site(?) on the south side, and a pipe leading from the reservoir to an elevated tank at the west end of the structure laid down, with taps at frequent intervals."
"Column, girder and brace forms were erected by stiff-leg derricks travelling on skids and working backward as the forms were put up."
font size=+2>"Outside shell forms were mounted on a carriage which travelled on rails carried by the upper cross-struts, the forms being raised into place or lowered by screwjacks. A locomotive crane was used for various purposes and a Shay engine for switching cars and pulling the outside shell forms ahead."
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